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Six Family Story-Telling Tips

1. Be Personal and Specific
If this ring was your mother’s ring, pick a story from your mother’s life and tell that to your family in relationship to this ring.

2. It’s OK to Edit the Story
Every piece of jewelry deserves its story even if you embellish it a bit. Aunt Maureen was a sour-puss? Well make up something about how she helped Uncle Morton start their first business in the 30’s. Who knows maybe she did! And it’s more inspirational that way.

3. Help Them Feel Connected
This piece of jewelry is a symbol of how they are a part of your family. Be sure the story includes a sense of family and how the person in the story was like them.

4. Start Early with Children
Tell your stories to all the family, especially children. They’ll look at the ring you got married in next time they see it and  remember you telling them how Grandpa “borrowed” that horse to ride to your farm to ask you to marry him. They’ll love that memory and the ring will remind them of it years later, or the diamond itself from the ring if they re-set it.

5. Be Upbeat
For many people the jewelry they have been given is like a good luck charm. Many people feel the strength and love of the previous wearer of their jewelry when they wear it. So when you share a story about that person make it a cheerful one. Or one with difficult times overcome to reach a happy ending.

6. Use the Story to Help Someone
If there is a message of perseverance you wish to tell your niece Brenda, or she’s had a loss and can’t seem to get into the swing of things, or you wish she’d try harder or you have a message you can’t get through to her in the normal way, let jewelry bridge the gulf.
Pick a piece of family jewelry and craft a story that shows that her Great-Aunt Hester dealt with a similar obstacle to Brenda’s. It may reach her in a way that “helpful advice” won’t. If you give the piece of jewelry to her, it may give Brenda a happy symbol to remind her of the story and she’ll know someone has made it through what she’s going through.

What’s the Takeaway Message Here?

People remember the stories that go with their family jewelry. Share your stories now and strengthen the bonds in your family. Make that little ring mean more with a special tale of family lore!

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